Our Story

Our Story

It’s hard for both of us to believe it has been FIVE YEARS since we first met! Our story is just like any other story - Marco, the 32 year old snow bird living in AZ golfing with retired men 4 days a week. Alissa, a public school teacher in AZ making just under minimum wage.

After meeting online and spending nearly a month texting back and forth, we finally "officially" met in early February in a dark alley in the crappiest part of Mesa trying to find a Chinese restaurant. We quickly, and comically, hopped in the car and relocated on Mill Ave, the center of ASU's campus and nightlife, for a very impromptu first date at La Bocca, a craft pizzeria. And when I say impromptu, I mean mostly for Marco, because later the truth came out that La Bocca was Alissa's go-to restaurant for first dates - the staff knew her very well!

The date went well, so well, that a year later Alissa was ready to relocate from sunny AZ to the slighter cooler weather of western North Dakota! It’s been since that time that we have felt something in our hearts for each other that has never changed.

alissa hall, bride

Alissa Hall

marco pelton, groom

Marc Pelton